Our Apartment and Studio are within walking distance of the beach boulevard and located in the town of Zandvoort. Here, in addition to the atmosphere of the glorious fishing, including the trendy shops and boutiques, the vibrant nightlife with its many bars and tasty restaurants.
But also discover the beauty of the exciting casino. Try your luck at the Holland Casino Zandvoort, where small bets big impact. Or see behind the inviting colors of Circus Zandvoort a world full of magic and entertainment for young and old.
Autosport Friends can enjoy the circuit at Zandvoort. The tension is literally felt during the many spectacular races of the Great

Zandvoort is famous for its beach. A vast beach of no less than nine kilometers long. And on average 100 meters wide. Enough space to relax. Len said, surfing and beach volleyball.

And to relax. Because on the beach are 40 beach pavilions. Here you can eat, drink and find shelter against the sea breeze. Zandvoort three counts of seeking kilometers glass wall on the terraces. One of the beach is open all year round.


Blue Flag
Since May 2004 the Blue flag flies again at Zandvoort. This flag is the symbol for clean and safe beaches. Zandvoort have to be a large number of criteria. These criteria include the quality of bathing water, good facilities, the presence of first-aid post and rescue equipment and facilities for the disabled.

Official kite surfing spots
You can safely kite surfing in Zandvoort. On the beach there are three places where you can purchase and official visit. At the height of beach Riche. The beach at Spot and Reddingsbrigade north. And around the Watersportvereniging and Reddingsbrigade south. The places are marked with signs. These are high-and low moved.

Zandvoort is surrounded by dunes and rare near the Kennermer Dunes National Park where the walking and cycling is. Even riding through the dunes are possible and is made by the many riding schools that Zandvoort rich.

The proximity of the N.S. Station also ideal starting point for visiting the cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam.